The White Whisper


The White Whisper is the new music project of Massimo Barberi, in collaboration with Nicola Pandini (drums, electronic percussions and loops), Stefano Pegoretti (guitars, synth), and Francesco Hygen (Stick Chapman, Double bass).

Barberi, Pandini e Pegoretti were playing together also in previous projects like The Gift Project, and Cassandra. Under these names they published the records "Mother", "Blood & Wine", and "Messages".

In this historical period when the so-called rock- pop music tends to fall more and more in over-used clichè, the White Whisper's music makes the effort to go out from this vicious circle presenting an original mix of ethereal atmosphere reminding of eastern cultures, electronic sounds, psychedelic hypnotic rhythms, melted together with some elements of the Norwegian NU Jazz (Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvaer, Mungolia Jet Set), which Massimo Barberi absorbed living and playing in Oslo for the last 3 years.
The live performance of The White Whisper are characterised by video-projections of art-video made by the Norwegian artist Jørund Aase, and by Massimo Barberi.

Francesco Hygen is a great multi.instrumentalist half Italian half Norwegian, he plays bass, double bass, theremin, piano, guitars, but he is especially one of the best Chapman Stick players in Nord Europe. Recently he plays with Barberi in the live projects of The White Whisper in Oslo.


~ Massimo Barberi
~ Francesco Hygen
~ Nicola Pandini
~ Stefano Pegoretti

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